For compassionate Home Care, locals can trust the caring professionals at Golden Heart Medical Services

Golden Heart Home Care & Medical Services is a fully insured network of licensed health professionals for the provision of high quality health care at home.  Our operating service is based on international operating standards adapted to local (Cyprus) demands for optimal efficiency and effectiveness with a view of collaboration with leading international brands.

We provide medical, nursing, support (physical therapy, psychological/social support) and personal care services in the comfort of one’s own home.  Our experienced medical and nursing staff will evaluate the patient in his/her home and in consultation with the attending specialist physician customize and execute the most appropriate comprehensive treatment plan to meet one’s needs.  Furthermore, we keep the attending specialist physician in the loop throughout the course of treatment by constantly updating him/her on the patient’s condition and progress.

Dr. Costas Shamtanis

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Director of Golden Heart Home Care & Medical Services

Dr. Costas Shamtanis is a Cypriot and Austrian national, and completed his medical studies in Germany (West Germany at the time) in 1984 from the University of Aachen. He later specialised in Neurosurgery in Germany and Vienna, Austria, at the prestigious University Hospital of Vienna, (oldest in Europe), where he was granted the title Consultant (Facharzt) in 1992. Dr. Shamtanis is a recognised member of the European Neurosurgical Society for Neurosurgery as Consultant since 1992.He is eligible to practise Neurosurgery all over Europe. Dr. Shamtanis specialises in general neurosurgery including brain, spine and Paediatric neurosurgery. He has worked for several years in Germany, Cyprus, and Austria, and was Head of Neurosurgery for 3 years in a military hospital in Saudi Arabia Dr. Shamtanis has a vast experience of 30 years in neurosurgery and he takes special interest in traumatic neurosurgery. To keep himself updated with the latest in neurosurgery he participates in various national and international conferences. Dr. Shamtanis has been a part of NMC Healthcare for over 6 years, as the director of the neurosurgical department, as well as working for 5 years in Zayed Military Hospital, Abu Dhabi. Additionally  he is currently in Limassol, Cyprus working as a consultant neurosurgeon.